A Step-By-Step Guide To Giving The Perfect Erotic Massage

A Step-By-Step Guide To Giving The Perfect Erotic Massage Sex Blog Image

First of all, we have a step-by-step guide to giving the perfect erotic massage. Across the country, thousands of couples are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring pleasure to their partner. In most instances, this means trying different positions out or introducing a sex toy into the mix. However, you might not have considered that you can achieve fantastic results without either of these. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to experiment with erotic massages.

This activity can strengthen the bonds between the two of you. Next, you should not take for granted the chance to explore one another’s bodies without any inhibitions. However, before you give this a try, you might like to familiarise yourself with some techniques to employ – this is where Cherry Pink can offer you some much-needed guidance.

A Step-By-Step Guide Create Atmosphere

Before you get down to the activity at hand, you must create a sensual atmosphere. Without this, it will be difficult for either of you to immerse yourselves in the experience truly. You might, for instance, like to place an array of candles around the room. We would also suggest that one, if not both, of you are naked, especially if you want to take things further later.

Keep In Contact

Although you might not realise, one of the most critical factors of an erotic massage is being close to one another. Any interruptions or unscheduled pauses can completely ruin the intense nature that you are trying to embrace. Even if you were to trail your fingers up their back whilst reaching for more oil can have a tremendous impact on proceedings.

Don’t Forget To Talk.

Whilst you will naturally be trying to stay focused on your massaging technique, there is nothing wrong with talking to one another throughout the massage. Next, this is a journey you are taking together, and you will both want to ensure that you are enjoying yourselves. Feedback, in particular, is crucial – you do not want your partner to sit in silence if you are doing something that is causing them pain. Finally, use words like up a bit, left or right a bit, or that’s perfect.

Explore Every Angle

For most people, massages try to dissolve any lingering aches or pains and help unwind after a stressful period. If you are taking on the role of masseuse, we suggest that you don’t stick around in a single spot – feel free to explore other parts of the body. You could, for instance, start at the feet and work your way up. By doing this, you are leaving nothing untouched, and this is fantastic.

Increase The Pace

First, you cannot forget that this an ‘erotic’ massage, and, understandably, you will want to escalate things at some point. If this is your intention, we suggest buying some massage oil that doubles up as lubricant. Next, this means that when things start to heat up, you can do so without worrying about lube.

Start Your Journey Today

Hopefully, you will now better understand the methods and techniques you can employ when giving a top-tier erotic massage. If you were looking to include oil and other different accessories, you might be interested in enlisting the help of Cherry Pink. As one of the leading sex shops in Ireland, we have everything that you could ever want. From bullet vibrators to blindfolds – the possibilities are endless. To learn more about what we have to offer, it could be worthwhile speaking to one of our representatives over the phone at 0402 23999.

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