Erogenous Zones: Where To Find Them, And What To Do When You Do

Erogenous Zones: Where To Find Them, And What To Do When You Do Blog Image

Erogenous Zones

Naturally, there will be a number of individuals that are reading this that are totally ignorant as to what erogenous zones are; in situations such as these, all we can do is apologise to their respective partners. Here at Cherry Pink, we are glad to be able to offer some enlightenment in this department. In essence, these are particular parts of the body that, when touched in a certain manner, can cause you to become aroused.

One of the most common misconceptions relating to sex is that, unless you are actively engaging either the penis or the vagina, there is not much that you can do. Unfortunately, this can be a clear-indicator that your sex life is not particularly exciting or experimental. If you would like to open your eyes to some of the erogenous zones which perhaps do not quite get the attention they deserve, feel free to continue your reading down below.

Erogenous Zones Where to Find Them


If you have ever sat down to watch a classic romance film. The chances are that you will be familiar with the trope which involves blowing on a lover’s neck, in order to start driving them crazy. What so-many people fail to realise is that, when done correctly, this can be a turn-on unlike any other. The key to success here is starting slow, and then gradually starting to turn up the heat. We recommend using both your lips and your fingers here, if you want to achieve top-tier results.


When you are thinking of sexual areas of the body, no-doubt the nipples are one of the first things to come to mind. Part of what makes these such a fantastic erogenous zone is that there is a huge-range of possibilities available to you. If you are looking to keep things simple, using your tongue could be the best way forward. Alternatively, there are some fantastic adult toys, such as nipple clamps, that can send you and your partner into overdrive.

Inner Thighs

Once you have decided that you want to journey below the belt, there is no-need to immediately target the genitals. In food terms, this would be like going straight to dessert, without sampling what starters are available. Case-and-point, the inner thighs have a lot to offer. Were you to start kissing up your partner’s legs, it would not take long for things to start getting hot-and-heavy.

Head – A Perfect Erogenous Zones

At first, we are sure that you will be a little sceptical as to how a person’s scalp can be the entrance to a world of sexually-charged fun. However, if you were to give things a chance, you would subsequently find that there is no-shortage of options when you visit the top of the head. To begin with, all you need to do is slide your fingers through your partner’s hair. Then, when it appears that they are becoming more responsive to this, begin to incorporate your nails into the mix. Depending on whether or not your partner likes things to be rougher, this could be the final turn-on.

A Quick Introduction

Although you may be well-acquainted with some of the best erogenous zones. You may still feel as if more can be done to transform your sex life. In situations such as these, Cherry Pink reigns supreme. Having made a name for ourselves as an online sex toy shop. You can be sure that we have anything-and-everything that you could ever want.

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