Raunchy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Raunchy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Just For You. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you don’t have long left to find the perfect gift for your other half. If you’re trying to find a gift that doesn’t just show your partner how much you care about them but is also fun and exciting for you both to enjoy, this is the perfect gift guide.

Below we have listed a selection of products for anyone keen to spice things up this Valentine’s Day. And swap a traditional romantic gift for something more raunchy. For instance, any gift ideas below will get your loved one’s heart racing. 

Raunchy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Sexy lingerie

Sexy lingerie is arguably one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts you can give your partner. And there is nothing better than seeing the person you love in sexy lingerie. Further, it is easy to rekindle lost bedroom passion when dressed in the proper outfit.

And you will have a brilliant Valentine whether you choose to purchase a chemise, crotchless thong, or stockings.

Raunchy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Remote control Egg vibrators

When you give your partner a remote control egg vibrator, you can stimulate them in a whole new way. For instance, turn on the egg vibrator, add some lube and pop it into your body. Now give the remote controller to your smiling partner and go for that planned romantic meal.

Squirm in delight as your partner turns on the vibrations, from a slight tingle to orgasmic bliss. However, hiding your pleasure might be challenging. Also, the trip home in the cab will lead to an evening of fun and lovemaking.

Anal beads and dildos

If you’ve never experimented with anal sex toys before, Valentine’s Day can be a great time to try new things. There are many different anal beads, anal dildos and anal vibrators on the market, so you won’t struggle to find something to ease you into anal pleasure.

Anal sex is a massive turn-on for many people, and this type of sex toy makes an excellent gift. In addition, we have some fantastic lubes and anal relaxing sprays and gels to make anal play even more fun.

Raunchy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Different lubricants

Many people use Lubricants in the bedroom, but many different gels are to try. Orgasm enhancing gels can make your orgasm more powerful, and tingling lubricants can add another layer of stimulation to your sexual experience, making them the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts.

Consider purchasing a few different gels and test them all out with your partner this Valentine.

Vibrating cock rings

One of the easiest ways to make penetrative sex more enjoyable on Valentine’s Day is to use a vibrating rabbit cock ring. This toy will significantly improve clitoris stimulation whilst you’re having sex.

Meanwhile, the snug fit of the cock ring will keep the penis harder for longer. Allowing you to both enjoy more time in the bedroom together. Vibrating cock rings are straightforward to use as well. 

Bondage kits

You don’t need to be experienced in BDSM to use bondage accessories, and whether you take a dominant or submissive role this Valentine, you can have a lot of fun with a bondage kit. For instance, a blindfold will make the touch of your lover’s finger or lips much more exciting. Meanwhile, waiting for the gentle slap of the spanker is exciting and a bit scary.

For instance,  you keep things simple with some handcuffs and an eye mask Meanwhile, you can make any sexual activity more enjoyable with a naughty imagination and sex toys

Ordering your Valentine’s Day gifts online

When searching for somewhere to purchase the best sex toys and lingerie, explore the rest of the Cherry Pink website. We supply a brilliant range of adult toys that can help you improve your sex life. And not just on Valentine’s Day.

And no matter what tickles your fancy from the list above, we will have the perfect gift. You can always purchase from Cherry Pink in confidence, knowing that we are 100% discreet. And your privacy is always our top priority.

So, now, you won’t have to worry about your gift when your delivery comes through the door. Our packaging is discreet to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day. 

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