Condoms That Can Improve Your Sex Life

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Condoms are a necessity for safe sex, but did you know that there are Condoms That Can Improve Your Sex Life. Meanwhile, they’re incredibly effective at preventing sexually transmitted infections. But yet, they can often be seen as an inconvenience. However, It isn’t uncommon for people to think that sex doesn’t feel as good when using a condom. And lots of couples prefer not to use protection.

However, some brilliant condoms on the market nowadays can improve your sex life. Furthermore, these rubber johnnies enhance pleasure during sexual experiences. For example, below is a list of condoms that can transform safe sex while being much more enjoyable.

Textured condoms that can improve your sex life

For instance, textured condoms are some of the best condoms to use when you want to spice up your sex life. These condoms have a beaded and ribbed texture, increasing sexual stimulation to new heights of orgasmic pleasure. In addition, Durex Orgasm Intense Condoms are perfect for couples wanting to enhance penetrative sex.

Not only are these condoms textured, and they have a stimulating gel that has pleasurable effects on both partners. 

Mutual climax condoms that can improve your sex life

If you and your partner don’t usually climax together when using a condom, you should experiment with mutual climax condoms. These condoms will enable couples to enjoy longer sessions and experience intense orgasms simultaneously.

Durex Mutual Climax Condoms have a ribbed and dotted texture. In addition, this texture speeds her up to a climax while a Performa lubricant helps slow him down. Furthermore, you can experience the thrill of climaxing together with mutual climax rubbers. In addition, wearing these condoms also helps with premature ejaculation. So, this is one pack of sheats you should have in your bedside locker.

Flavoured condoms that can improve your sex life

Condoms aren’t just for penetrative sex, you should be using them during oral sex, too, and they aren’t always pleasant tasting.

However, flavoured condoms are perfect for oral sex, and they taste better than rubber latex. Furthermore,  Amor Flavoured Condoms have different oral safe lubricants, including; chocolate, strawberry and mint.

When pleasuring your partner, you will have a much more excellent taste in your mouth if you use a flavoured condom, and you can keep going for longer. Flavoured condoms give boring latex condoms an exciting twist.

Thin feel condoms that can improve your sex life

When you don’t like using condoms because they dull the sensation during sex, thin feel condoms are ideal. These condoms make sex as enjoyable as possible for both partners and are extra thin for greater sensitivity.

Durex Thin Feel Condoms are thin enough that you can feel the complete pleasure of sex, but they still provide protection. Thin feel condoms are a comfortable shape, too, so you and your partner can both enjoy using them. 

Condom-safe lubricant

When using a condom, don’t forget there is a vast range of lubricants you can use to improve the sexual experience.

Not only will lubricants give a super smooth glide when you’re using a condom, but if you try an orgasm-enhancing lubricant or a warming and tingling lubricant, for example, it can add another layer of stimulation.

First, check that the gel you choose is safe to use with condoms. Meanwhile, a good quality anal lubricant is essential while having anal sex.

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