Black Friday Bargain Day Sale

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Get Money Off Now.

Here we are at that time of year again when all we hear is Black Friday Sale on now! However, a Black Friday Bargain Day Sale might not seem like a bargain after you have paid and received your goods. You can see shops giving up to 45% off or more, but are the items you’re looking at really what you want?

Some online shops, websites and faraway platforms try hard to sell us things they want us to buy. For instance, we get non-stop emails, texts and reminders of the stuff we might miss on the Black Friday Bargain Day Sale.

All-Year Round Black Friday Bargain Day Sale!

Here at Cherry Pink, we try very hard to give our customers a bargain with all items purchased. We also limit our emails to one per month and keep our Facebook page only for those who want to see it.

But of course, this is not the best way for a business to advertise or to reach customers. But we don’t want you, our customer, looking at adult sex toys when you open your male on a Monday morning.

Couples Playful Toys

When we advertise sex toys, we like the idea of couples playing together. So sexy lingerie and role-playing toys are something we try to promote, and we always have a Black Friday Bargain Day Sale with these items every day of the year. But how can a clitoral vibrator be a couple’s sex toy, you might ask?

Foreplay! is something we don’t give enough time to enjoy. For instance, when handing your lover a vibrator, it’s you who should spend the time showing her how it works and what it can do. You can both enjoy this, and it will bring you closer together. The same goes for male sex toys and condoms. You can help him put on the Durex and use his new sex toy.

Solo Players And Bargains

We mentioned male masturbators and sex toys above, and we have bargains every week. We sell affordable, hands-free penis-sucking machines to vibrating P-spot stimulators. Furthermore, we have the slipperiest lubricants to help bring your man sausage to orgasm time after time. Or try one of our Tantaly real-life sex dolls and experience mind-blowing sexual experiences.

These realistic half-body sex toy dolls have two openings with different textures. In addition, try our penis pumps and watch your manhood grow to the size you want. We also have inexpensive AI penis-sucking machines, and these deliver non-stop sucking until you turn them off—no need for a Black Friday Bargain Day Sale with these affordable but quality sex toys.

Body Massage Oils And Lubricants

As Black Friday comes and goes, and all the hype is over, one bargain you purchased stands out on your bedroom locker. You picked up a bottle of massage oil from us, and your lover is super excited. But the question is to give or to receive? Your first sexual massage will be the funniest time you both enjoyed in ages.

Laughing and giggling like teenagers as you drizzle oil between cracks and crevices. With slippery hands finding hidden places you haven’t touched in years, this Black Friday Bargain Day Sale is one you will remember.

Love And Respect

But, of course, we sell sex toys and other items like bondage gear with spankers and handcuffs. However, we are a pair of like-minded people who want couples and singles to be satisfied and comfortable. For instance, using sex toys should be fun for you, and if you feel uncomfortable, stop. Role-playing and BDSM are for couples looking for something different and more exciting.

But looking after each other and enjoying pleasure together is as good as life gets. Even with family, you can make time for each other and look forward to an afternoon quickie when possible.

About Us:

  • We started Cherry Pink(Our family-run business) in 2014 and have our office and walk-in shop in Arklow Co. Wicklow.
  • We aim for you to enjoy your shopping experience without fuss or delay.
  • For example, we ship all parcels from Co. Wicklow (So No UK Custom Charges, Opened Packages, or Late Delivery)
  • Also, the name Cherry Pink will NOT be on the waterproof mailing bag or your credit card statement.
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