Breaking Down The Sex Toys That Are Flying Off The Shelves

Breaking Down The Sex Toys That Are Flying Off The Shelves Blog Image.

Solo Players Sex Toys:

Breaking Down The Sex Toys That Are Flying Off The Shelves was supposed to be upbeat and informative. However, a new disease locked most people into their homes. The 2021 lockdown was the strangest time in most people’s lives, and most were forced to stay home. For single people, this was when they found themselves alone with nowhere to go.

The sexual plight of single people worsened during this unprecedented time without the chance to meet others. But our family-run adult sex toy shop continued sending out sex toys for singles and couples.

We kept our prices affordable and delivered every day during this difficult time. As Ireland’s leading online sex shop, we supported our customers during this difficult time.

Breaking Down The Sex Toys. Lube:

First, whilst you are free to dispute whether or not lube deserves to be classified as a sex toy or not. What cannot be argued is that lube is a gateway to a better, more fulfilling sex life. Lubricants make sex better! From first-time solo masturbation to couples who enjoy the slippery pleasures of non-friction lovemaking. For instance, couples will enjoy the aroma of flavoured gels as it fills the bedroom.

Also, using a male masturbator with a warming lubricant will add spice and extra heat to these solo games. But did you know the tingling lubes will bring exciting new pleasures to clitoral stimulation? And for those looking for backdoor play, our anal comfort gels will bring relief and incredible anal stimulation.

Bondage Kits and Sex Toys:

Bondage or BDSM is usually only for couples looking for extra bedroom games. However, single players can indulge in nipple clamps, clitoral suckers or a cock cage if trying something different. But, of course, our beginner bondage kits are ideal for first-time players who want in on the action. Couples should begin their journey slowly and take the time to enjoy all the new experiences without discomfort.

Kinky sex between lovers can be unbelievably fun, and couples find it brings them closer together. Pain has no part in fun or breaking down the sex toys that are flying off the shelves. If something causes you or your partner unjust discomfort, stop and try something else together.

 Anal Beads And Butt Plugs:

During lockdown, the number of anal sex toys we sold rocketed. We hope this was because first-timers were indulging in new pleasures. Or that couples started trying new things. These butt plugs and beads come in many different sizes and materials and are, of course, unisex. However, prostate or P-spot stimulation is now all the rage and enjoyed by couples during foreplay.

But masturbation and prostate stimulation are perfect for solo players looking for anal action. From vibrating beads that get larger with each bead to tapered butt plugs, each gives its unique pleasure. However, the anus is not self-lubricating, and you will need lots of slippery lubricants for comfort.

Double-Ended Dildos:

Vibrators and dildos have been the most popular sex toys for years. But double-ended dildos have taken a leading role in couples and single-sex toys over the last years. For example, they are perfect for those who enjoy double-penetration play(Vaginal and anal simultaneously). Or couples who enjoy trying new anal adventures together (Two people sharing one dildo).

These double dildos come in many sizes, and our extensive selection will help you find your ideal one. In addition, if your partners are not home, you can enjoy the pleasures of these double dildos yourself with lots of gel.

Breaking Down The Sex Toys Conclusion:

Although you might not have realised it, there are numerous sex toy shops in Ireland, each of which is competing for your attention. However, here at Cherry Pink, we offer you a one-stop-shop solution for all your sex toy needs. Here, you will enjoy discreet shopping for all your favourite sex toy items. We have you covered, from cock rings to blow-up sex dolls and Fleshlight Girl masturbators.

Also, with our fifty shades of grey-inspired bondage gear, let us supply your BDSM and role-playing items. Do not forget your sexy lingerie and underwear. You can reach us seven days a week via email at

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