Benefits of sex toys

  • Take off the pressure

Sometimes it can be hard to perform in relationships, for both males and females, which is where the use of sex toys can help. Using applications such as vibrators, you are more than likely to aid with the main goal of orgasming. This is likewise the same for males, as they may benefit from the use of toys in order to help stimulate their role during sex if they are potentially tired or struggling to perform. 

  • More likely to orgasm

Once the pressure is removed, you will focus more on just simply enjoying yourself and your partner. This can potentially lead to not just reaching orgasms easier, but also can increase the likelihood of multiple orgasms. Especially for woman, multiple determinants boost orgasms, and with the use of a sex toy and your partner, you are more likely to orgasm in the bedroom.  

  • Spices up the bedroom

Many relationships are great without the use of sex toys, though after a while even the most passionate relationships can lose their sex drive which is where a sex toy can help. With numerous options available including vibrators, cock rings or bondage kits, there are always ways to increase the creativity and sexual experience with your partner. 

  • Can bring couples closer

Often the use of sex toys can bring couples closer as it’s likely that you will first be talking about them the use of toys before usage. This will enable you to find out more about your other half's sexual fantasies and interests, as well as finding more about yourself upon usage. Even outside of the bedroom, couples may find it great fun to go shopping on various websites or in sex shops so that they can find toys that are prefered by both parties. 

Negatives of sex toys

  • Jealousy 

As most relationships are monogamous, it can often be the case that your partner may get jealous of you using a sex toy, especially if they are not involved. More so for men, they may feel that they are being replaced or that the toy is doing a better job than them, which may occur on some occasions. This may result in jealousy from the male, which can result in them feeling down and less sexually enthusiastic in some relationships. 

  • Can take away the need of a partner

It’s estimated that around 48% of women in the UK now own a sex toy of their own, with many admitted that they often use their favourite toy whilst their partner is not present. Over time, this can lead towards full-filling all of your sexual-desires and potentially eliminate the need for your partner's interaction. 

  • Difference in ideas

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to sexual activities, and the use of sex toys in the bedroom is no different as everyone may have their favourites and general ideas in terms of the use of sex toys. If your ideas alternate, then it could potentially drive a wedge in your sexual connection and your relationship in general. 

Talk to your partner

Although you may think surprising your partner with the use of sex toys will be romantic, it more than likely won’t be. It’s always best to first talk with your partner about the possibility of using toys beforehand so that you can find out if they are willing to use them during sex, if not, why and if they do, then what they are willing to use and their limits. 

If you feel awkward or nervous about having the talk, then it may not be advised to use toys at all as you should always feel comfortable and open to talking about anything around your partner, and you can’t talk about the use, then it will be unlikely that you will find a connection from using them either.

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