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  • Anal Sex Toys

First, what are anal sex toys, and why do we want to use and enjoy them? Anal toys are Sex toys designed for safe anal play. For instance, they usually have a tapered shape for easy entry.

Also, with lubricant and a little practice, anal play becomes very enjoyable. For example, the pleasure of an anal bead removed at the point of orgasm is mind-blowing.

Solo masturbation for a male with a vibrating prostate sex toy takes pleasure to new and exciting levels.

  • Couples Anal Sex Toys

Slipping a small anal vibrator into your lover is a thrilling experience for couples; the feeling is exciting and naughty but satisfying.

Meanwhile, adding the lube onto your lover’s butt with your fingers is part of the foreplay. However, using lots of slippery lube is the key to good anal sex between couples.

  • Small Anal Sex Toys

When starting your anal journey with your partner, start small. For example, use a tiny tapered silicone butt plug with lots of water-based lubricants.

In other words, be gentle, don’t rush, and enjoy the new and exciting time together. Respect your partner, and anal play will improve and be more enjoyable.

  • Your Privacy Is Our Priority

When you purchase sex toys from Cherry Pink, we take your privacy seriously. For example, we strictly comply with the GDPR rules, and our name or logo is not on our packages.

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