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Anal beads

First of all, anal beads and what do they do for us? Of course, we all know what an anal bead is? A long thin piece of tapered silicon, glass or metal with different Size balls. Starting small and gradually gets more significant along the shaft length.

Anal beads are much different from butt plugs and other anal sex toys. But as always, be careful of what you put in your butt.

Unlike the vagina, things can get lost in your butt, and you don’t want a trip to your local GP.

Easy Anal Play

First, let’s make anal play as easy as possible. Second, we have anal relaxing gels and creams to apply before play begins. Furthermore, your partner will enjoy spreading the cream with their fingers as part of foreplay.

Meanwhile, never rush and insert the beads slowly with lots of slippery lube.

Also, size is essential. Start small and use lots of water-based lubricants. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating so keep the lube flowing.

For example, with tiny anal beads, you will feel the stimulating pleasure of each bead slipping in and out of your body.

Care and Cleaning

Clean the anal beads with soapy water and rinse with clean water, then leave to dry before storing safely away until you need the pleasure again.

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