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Anal Beads

Anal beads are an excellent choice for couples or singles looking for exciting new thrills in the bedroom. For example, the tapered shape of the beads makes them the ideal choice for gentle anal play.

The beads usually have five or more beads on a string or silicone strap, with the smallest bead at the tip graduating in size. These beads are made from glass, metal, silicone, rubber and plastic.

How Do Anal Beads Feel?

From soft silky silicone to the cold feel of metal, the anal beads feel sexual and naughty. The smallest feels tiny, and while fingering the last one, you will wonder if it will fit where it is going.

Slipping the tapered beads into your anus is a thrilling feeling. Each anal bead is a little larger than the last, and the gentle stretching of your sphincter is sexually delightful.

However, you will enjoy the pleasure even more with lots of slippery water-based lubricants. Also, slowly inserting them into your partner and gently withdrawing them will Heighten their sexual experience.

How Do You Use Anal Beads?

The easy answer is gentle! If you are using the sex toy for solo pleasure, use lots of lube, inserting them slowly one at a time. However, if inserting into your partner, take your time and let them enjoy the stimulation that they give.

These anal sex toys are perfect for use with dildos and vaginal vibrators and will add extra sexual thrills to your partner’s fun. But, of course, removing them at the point of climax will increase your lover’s orgasm.

What Do Anal Beads Look Like?

These anal sex toys look like balls on a string or a nobbly piece of silicon. But looks can be deceiving, and these sex toys are fantastic for anal pleasure. Some start with a tiny ball, with each getting slightly bigger.

However, for those with more experience, you will find some with the first ball the size of a golf ball and the large the size of a tennis ball.

When using these sex toys, always be gentle with your partner and yourself and take the time to enjoy the pleasure they give. Don’t rush, use lots of gel, listen to your lover and never cause discomfort.

Anal Sex Toys

For those new to anal play, anal toys will bring exciting unknown pleasures to your bedroom games. However, the anus is not self-lubricating, and lots of lube will be needed for comfortable play.

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