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  • Anal Dildos And Tools

Of course, we all know what anal dildos and tools are, but why do we want them? Pleasure, stimulation and the thrilling feeling that they give.

For instance, did you know there are many nerve endings in the anus and with gentle stimulation, the anus will provide unequalled pleasure.

However, you should know a couple of tips to enjoy the benefits of anal play. First, start with something small; your finger size will be perfect. Never rush; take the time to relax fully before playing.

  • Lubricants

Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating and will need lots of slippery gel regularly. But before starting, help the anus relax with a gentle finger massage without penetrating it.

Also, a warm bedroom will help the person to relax and enjoy the anal fun even more. There are creams and gels to also help with relaxing the anus. Meanwhile, keep your anal dildos and tools in a clean container.

  • Enemas and Douching

Once you have used and enjoyed playing with your anal dildos and tools, you might want to step up to another level. For example, you might want to try douching or having an enema.

Douching is also known as an enema and will empty your bowel. With easy-to-use hand pump douches, it only takes a couple of minutes—douche fifteen to twenty minutes before anal play.

So enjoy your anal play, knowing you are as clean inside as outside.

However, too much douching might remove the good bacteria in your bowel, leading to problems.

  • Your Privacy Is Our Priority

When you buy anal dildos and tools from Cherry Pink, please know we take your privacy seriously. For instance, we strictly comply with the GDPR. Also, our name will not be on your credit card statement.

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