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Anal Douches and Enemas

Why do some people go to the bother of using anal douches and enemas? First, people who enjoy anal sex want to be confident that their bowel is empty before anal play.

So, douching is easy to achieve an empty bowel in a few minutes. For instance, douche several times twenty minutes before anal sex to enjoy anal sex even more.

It will be best to douche in your bathroom and use the sink to supply warm water. Also, have water-based lube to help the tapered nozzle into your anus. It also might be wise to have an old facecloth and towel.

Furthermore, douching is ideal for couples and solo anal pleasure. Meanwhile, use water-based lubricants with your douche or any anal sex toys.

Enjoy Clean Anal Fun

You will find the perfect anal douches and enemas here at Cherry Pink. Our wide range of easy-to-use hand pump douches will have you ready for anal in no time.

Also, you can practice douching in the comfort of your bathroom before showering. In other words, you don’t always have to have anal sex, but practice makes perfect.

However, once you start douching before anal sex, you will wonder how you lasted so long having anal sex without using this tool.

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