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  • Anal vibrators

What are anal vibrators, and are they only for men, or can couples use them as part of foreplay? First, anal vibrators are usually small sex toys in various shapes and sizes.

These toys are unisex and ideal for couples sharing the thrill of anal play. For instance, some of these sex toys have a curved body which is perfect for prostate stimulation but also ideal for g-spot pleasure.

  • Couples Vibrators

Anal vibrators come in all shapes and sizes and have different materials and textures. For instance, you can have a long double vibrating dildo that couples can use together.

Or there is a double vibrating dildo, especially for her, where one part fits into the vagina while the other fits into her anus. This is called a double-penetrating dildo.

Anal vibrators are unisex and bring pleasure to men and women. However, we recommend you start small and use lots of water-based lubricants.

Prostate Play Anal Sex Toys

First, we have all heard of the male p-spot, it is about two inches inside the anus, but did you know how much pleasure it gives.

With a curved vibrating dildo, you can hold the vibrations on your prostate and receive the most incredible orgasms.

These prostate anal vibrators also have thrusting motions and spinning beads in the tip, adding to the pleasure.

  • Lubricants

The anus is not self-lubricating and will need lots of slippery lube with your anal vibrator. Also, condoms will be a good addition if sharing sex toys with a partner.

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