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Willy Moulding Kits

When you buy Willy Moulding Kits online from Cherry Pink, be assured that we take your privacy seriously. We always use generic packaging, So you never have to worry. We are 100% discreet. Our name or logo will NOT appear on your credit card. Please shop with confidence, knowing that your privacy is our priority.

100% Discreet – Your Privacy Is Our Priority

Go, Love Yourself Kit

First of all, make a perfect replica of your man-meat with one of our Willy Moulding Kits. Meanwhile, think of the fun you can have with your partner.

For instance, you can make love to both the vagina and anus at once. Further, enjoy oral play while using the realist dildo on your lover. Or use it on yourself to see how it feels.

Which Willy Moulding Kits To use

First, there is everything you need to make an exact copy of your penis within the kit. Meanwhile, some come with vibrations, while some have a suction cup for hands-free play.

In addition, the material is a medically tested, high-quality silicone. Next, give your partner the vibrating copy of your erection and enjoy watching them play.

The Cloneboy Dildo

With the kit comes a free cock ring and enough gel for two copies of your penis, so when you finish, you will have three penises to play adult games, and your partner will love using them. Use lots of water-based lubricants with the Willy Moulding Kits dildos for even more fun.

Care and Cleaning

When your afternoon of sexual pleasure is finally over, and your partner can’t take any more loving, clean the Willy Moulding Kits dildos.

For instance, use a sex toy cleaner, rinse carefully with water and dry. Or carefully wash with soapy water, rinse and dry. Meanwhile, store the dildos safely away until you want to play again.