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Better Oral Sex

Let’s face it: oral sex is fantastic between loving couples. It is exciting, and it can happen anywhere private. However, did you know that lubricant can make blowjobs and cunnilingus even more enjoyable? With blowjob sprays that give a minty freshness to tingling lip gloss to excite both couples, here are a couple of eye-openers for you.

How to Use Oral Sex Gel?

If you enjoy giving or receiving oral sex, there are several oral gels that you will find to enhance the experience. For instance, apply a couple of drops of orgasm gel to the clitoris, and you will both enjoy exciting vibrating sensations.

Or apply strawberry cooling lubricant to the penis, and blowjobs become sweet and magical, with a beautiful aroma filling the room.

Kissable gels are flavoured lubricants that sometimes have a warming or cooling effect that feels and tastes fantastic.

Oral lubes are something everyone should use if they have a partner who enjoys oral play.

What is Oral Sex Gel?

Oral sex gels (usually water-based) have a pleasant flavour, taste, and nice smell. For example, some gels taste and have the aroma of bubblegum. Also, some have the thrilling sensation of vibrations and kissing and oral sex become even more exciting.

These lubricants are perfect for cunnilingus, blowjobs, nipple play and kissing. Lovemaking becomes extra spicy as the aromas of fruits fill the air. Also, with heating, cooling and tingling properties, these kissable gels keep couples returning for more fun.

Furthermore, they are safe to use and have that extra naughty feeling when you drizzle onto your lover’s intimate areas.

Lubricants And Sex

While these oral sex lubricants are perfect for blowjobs and cunnilingus play, what about ordinary sex.

Life can’t be better; these thrilling lubes are perfect for vaginal and even anal play and sometimes add extra fun. So, once the oral play ends, the lovemaking can start without applying additional lubricants.

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