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Better Sex With Lube

Sex is better with lube! For example, add lube to enhance play with extra feelings while enjoying erotic flavours. Select from our super-slippery range of water-based lubes, silicone gel, organic lubricant and let’s not forget the anal sex lube.


Making love to your partner is a beautiful time. It makes you feel close, wanted, and, most importantly, loved.

Lovemaking can sometimes be impulsive and lasts only moments. However, when you have planned an evening of fun together, a good lubricant can make your fun even better.

Lubricants will stop chaffing, bruising, vaginal discomfort and many more issues that can occur during lovemaking.

Water-based Lubricants:

Water-based gels are the most popular as they are ideal for all kinds of sexual play, including vaginal, anal and oral. In addition, these lubes are perfect to use with most sex toys.

You can also enjoy the beautiful aromas of flavoured lubricants. These are ideal for oral play and come in many tastes, from bubblegum to watermelon.

Lubricants For Better Sex:

Silicone lubricant is a super slippery gel and is perfect for vaginal and anal sex. It gives a smooth, slippy feeling to lovemaking and is long-lasting. Silicone gels sometimes have flavours and beautiful smells.

However, silicone can harm sex toys and is more challenging to clean up afterwards. Also, these silicone lubes don’t wash from lingerie and bedclothes as efficiently as water-based gels.

Vaginal Dryness:

We have a wide choice of natural gels and lubes for vaginal dryness, which improves lovemaking. Also, women-only lubes are designed to hydrate and moisturise intimate areas. These gels have a slippery quality for a frictionless glide.

Fun Gels For Couples:

We have tingling gels. When these are applied to the clitoris,  they cause a buzzing and tingling that is only a step away from giving a stimulating orgasm every time you use them. Also, anal comfort lubes will provide great anal play for couples.

Two-in-one gels are perfect for massages, lovemaking, and oral sex play. Hot lubes will bring an exciting new experience to couples looking for a warming gel.

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