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Bodies and Teddies Lingerie

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Bodies And Teddies

Spring Inspired Lingerie

First of all, this sexy Baci White Floral and Lace Teddy will have your companion excited in no time.

Next, the deep v-neckline with white lace trim shows your cleavage but holds you securely in place. In addition, the lace trim leads to a flirty lace peekaboo band at the middle.

Meanwhile, the back has an open, movable strap design cut high on the hips and produced a thong look. Further, your lover is trying to get you out of the sexy teddy, but you are in absolute control of your bedroom tonight.

However, the games are only starting as you have picked up some other props to enjoy.

Bodies And Teddies

Dreamgirl Bustier and G-string

First of all, your bedroom fun has just got much more enjoyable with this stunningly hot lingerie from Dreamgirl.

Furthermore, with straps and garters, your sweetheart won’t be able to keep their hands to themselves.

Also, it is of excellent quality and feels lovely on your skin and looks the part. Equally important, it also has three straps holding it together across the back, adding to the overall sex appeal.

Next, the tiny thong covers the front but leaves nothing to the imagination from the back.

So wearing this Bodies And Teddies set will be the best fun you and your lover will have had in a long time.

Finally, leave the lingerie on when the fun starts, and the lovemaking will feel even better.

Bodies And Teddies