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Magic Wand Vibrators Sex Toys

When you buy Magic Wand Vibrators online from Cherry Pink, we assure you that we take your privacy seriously.

We always use generic packaging, So you never have to worry. We are 100% discreet. Our name or logo will NOT appear on your credit card.

So please shop with confidence, knowing that your privacy is our priority.

100% Discreet – Your Privacy Is Our Priority

Magic Wand Vibrators are the ultimate clitoral vibrators.

However, the new wand vibrators are rechargeable and waterproof, and the handle is also a g-spot vibrator. Find your magic wand vibrators here at Cherry Pink today.

Lush Magic Wand and G-spot vibrator

First of all, this luxurious massager delivers stimulating vibrations from the soft silicone head. Then, however, turn it around and enjoy the magnificently curved body as it rumbles deep inside your body.

Use some water-based lubricants for a super slippery time.

Meanwhile, scroll through the seven functions of vibrations to find your favourite sensations. The shaft is smooth UltraSilk silicone, body-safe, phthalate-free, and easy to clean.

Next, this is the vibrator that will change how you enjoy solo pleasure.

Finally, take good care of your magic wand vibrators, and read the instructions, and it will give numerous years of sexual satisfaction with many breathtaking orgasms along the way.

Waterproof Rechargeable Heating Wand

First of all, the Vibes of Love Heating Bodywand is an all-powerful vibrator with two motors, one in the head and the other in the handle for internal stimulation.

Next, it is fully waterproof and is rechargeable.

Meanwhile, the vibrator is very easy to use with three control buttons, one to turn it on and off and the other is to increase and lower the vibrations.

In addition, this wand vibrator is a perfect first-time sex toy as the handle also doubles as a vibrator for g-spot stimulation.

Furthermore, the soft silky silicone is body-safe, and relaxing in a warm bath will be extra special.