Cherry Pink Goes To Electric Picnic 2023

Cherry Pink sponsoring The Late Late Toy Show Trailer at Electric Picnic 2023

Rocking and Bopping at Electric Picnic

Cherry Pink Goes To Electric Picnic 2023. Yes, it is that time of year again. Electric Picnic is finally here, and we will be there. For those who don’t know what Electric Picnic is, it is an open-air festival once a year in Stradbally in Co. Laois. Featuring the latest bands, pop idols, rockers and more, it is a superb and exciting weekend for all who attend.

This exciting yearly advent attracts local and international artists. It is a relaxed and friendly weekend, and the people who attend are looking for great music and a fantastic time. However, there is much more to this weekend of delights.

Throughout the park, you will encounter a delightful mix of witty caravans, unrecognisable mobile homes, trailers and old reused vans. It’s here you will enjoy a cold drink, with time to relax and take a breather.

Take Time And Join The Fun.

At the centre is the Trailer Park Stage. This mobile home has all the conveniences, including a bedroom, kitchen, restroom, and lounge, but with its front removed. Here, live music originates from some of the most outstanding stage entertainers, true titans of the entertainment world. So, sit and enjoy some of the night’s best comedy acts and performers.

For instance, the evening will include the “Late Late Show” and a special edition of the “Late Late Cherry Pink Adult Toy Show” with your Rednick host, Ryan Subsidy, presenting both shows. Another fantastic live show is the “Joe Scruffy Show,” where you can talk live to Joe and put right the wrongs of our country.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at how RTE works. Also, tours of the green room and the show’s stars. The Rednecks. This will be an exciting evening, and the audience will be encouraged to participate in the banter and fun.

Fun and Freebies.

Cherry Pink Goes To Electric Picnic 2023. This is the first year Cherry Pink has been invited to the Fantastic Electric Picnic, and we are overjoyed to be here. But, of course, we could not be more grateful to the Extraordinary Rednicks and their professional team. The Late Late Cherry Pink Adult Sex Toy Show will be a fun event with many small gifts for all participating.

For instance, participate in the Cherry Pink Late Late Adult Toy Show and be in with the chance to win some exciting sex toys. Or if you are with your partner and forgot to bring lubricant, you will find some at the Rednick fun trailer.

There are also small magic wand vibrators that will bring your partner an exciting evening of pleasure when the music stops.

Cherry Pink Goes To Electric Picnic 2023.

Enjoy The Fun, But Stay Safe. The festival is a weekend of fun, dancing and letting your hair down. Young couples will mix and pass phone numbers and enjoy meeting new friends and old acquaintances. However, let’s be safe and use protection while having fun. Pop over to the Redneck stand, where Cherry Pink has provided a variety of condoms for you to use.

From flavoured Durex to ribbed and dotted to keep everyone happy and safe this weekend. Or, if you want to impress your partner, look for our unique single roses with a sexy twist. Each rose, when opened, is a piece of lingerie. The red rose turns into a sexy red panty and will impress your lady when the light goes down.

And for those looking for a bargain, The Rednicks will give out flyers with 15% off your first order with Cherry Pink. So, once again, enjoy the Electric Picnic and have great fun with the spectacular Rednick comedy Team.

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