Dark Evenings Fun Nights

Dark Evenings Fun Nights Couple Kissing On a Bed

Playful Things For Couples To Enjoy

Dark Evenings Fun Nights Guide couples looking for sensual things to do together. Your imagination and items from your lingerie drawer(sex toys included) will make good evenings and long-lasting nights.

Setting The Scene

It is that time of year again. The evenings are getting darker, and the long Friday evening drive home from work seems even more stressful. However, when opening your front door, everything is forgotten when you hear your favourite song playing on the stereo. Kicking off your shoes, the floor feels fantastic on your bare feet as you head for the kitchen.

Here, you find your lover making your favourite meal with a small glass of wine already poured and waiting. Sitting at the dining room table, the flickering candlelight provides a cosy atmosphere, setting the mood for romance.

A Nice Hot Bubble Bath

Steeping into a nice, warm bath with the beautiful aroma of strawberry bubbles filling the air is incredible. The candlelight flickering off the bubbles is relaxing, but the warm hands of your lover caressing your shoulders are mind-blowing and exciting. Then, the thrill of soapy fingers touching your full breasts and perky nipples gives new sensual heights.

However, the real fun starts when your partner hands you the waterproof vibrator with a remote control. The warm water combined with the vibrations and the gentle touch of your partner’s fingers become too much to bear.

Game Nights

Playing games is not only for children; adults can enjoy playing games together. However, we have other naughty games for couples on these Dark Evenings Fun Nights. For instance, sex roulette is a spin-the-wheel game with a twist. The game is for couples looking for naughty ideas to make good evenings into great nights of fun.

In addition, the fifty nights of naughtiness might also bring a smile to your face. These games tell you what to do and quickly lead to laughing and lovemaking. But play the game by the rules, and the adult fun lasts long into the evening. However, when playing these games, it’s best to have some lubricant on hand, just in case!

Watching Films Together

Watching TV can be tedious, with all the bad news and nothing to make you smile or laugh. However, sitting naked under your duvet with your partner is more exciting. For instance, you are watching a good movie and gentle hands touching each other for the film’s length. This is like foreplay but on the couch and no lovemaking until the movie ends. (Rules are rules).

Furthermore, you can also watch a raunchier film and change the rules to suit yourselves. Or have your favourite sex toys and lubricant under the duvet. These Dark Evenings Fun Nights evenings build a higher level of intimacy between couples.

Role-playing Games

Dress up for fun. Sexy lingerie is not needed. Dressing for fun together is sexual and leads to all kinds of intimacy. For example, pulling on a tight tee shirt and short skirt will set his heart racing. Oops, I forgot my panty is something he rarely hears on weekdays. Or squeezing into a tight pair of denim shorts without boxers is not something that you see every day.

Dressing for sexual pleasure is fun and can quickly become something you enjoy doing together. However, hanging out the washing can be challenging in heels and fishnet tights.

Things To Do At Bedtime

Plan a bedtime routine before going to bed. We all love going to bed and look forward to a little smooch and even more besides. But have you ever told your lover what you want from them before bed? For instance, you could ask for a back massage, cunnilingus and a long, gentle lovemaking session. Or I would like oral sex followed by you on top cowgirl style.

But, of course, all sexual activities are better with lubricants, and sex toys are perfect for foreplay. These are only tips for couples and not something you should follow if they don’t suit your lifestyle.

Dark Evenings Fun Nights

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