Duracell C Batteries

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Duracell C Batteries 

These Duracell C size Batteries will power all your sex toys for longer than most others. The Duracell top-quality performance batteries will last four times longer than most other brands saving you money while giving longer enjoyment. 

Using The Batteries

When your sex toy arrives it will not have batteries fitted, so you will need to fit the batteries carefully yourself. These Duracell batteries will efficiently power all your toys providing ample power right up to the very end. When the time comes to change the battery in your sex toy change them for new batteries only and dispose of the old ones responsibly.

Disposing of Old Batteries 

When the old batteries need changing dispose of them carefully by recycling them in a responsible manner at your local recycling centre or one of the many local newspaper shops that recycle batteries for you.     


Product features

  • Dimensions 50(H) x 26.2(Ø)mm
  • Material Alkaline
  • Weight 0.16 kg
  • Long-lasting power guaranteed
  • Designed for long-lasting performance in your Adult Device 
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