Summer normally sees the rise of hormones and One-Night Stands. They might happen when you are off on a sun holiday in Ibiza, on a (drunk) night out or maybe planned through a tender hook up. The logistics of where they happen doesn't matter. What matters is making sure it is not a disappointment or something you regret.

Sex expert Zoë Kors told Bustle last year that "It can be very therapeutic to be intimate with someone who exists outside the structures of our regular lives. It’s a great way to step out of the bubble for a moment and play.”

With so many people online dating and using dating apps it has become easier to plan in your one-night stand guilt free.

Below are some tips that should help you have an enjoyable one-night stand.

Pick someone you actually like.

Not LIKE like. You can't have a one-night stand with that one guy or girl you are secretly in love with, in the hope they will suddenly feel the same. This is not the movies, this is Ireland. You WILL get hurt. No! Pick someone you find attractive and think are a decent human. Be open and honest with the person so they know that this is a one-night stand and have no expectations.

Be Safe

Firstly always have condoms in your wallet or bag. You just never know when you will need them and you don't want your night of fun to result in weeks of worry. We have some great condoms.

If you are meeting someone off the internet or leaving the pub/club with a stranger make sure your friends know where you are going. Send them a message from your hook up place with the address you are going to.

Be Heard

I am not talking about your moans :)

Communicate your needs and desires to your one-night stand. Now is the time to experiment and indulge in your wild side if you want. What's to lose? They can only say no and you will probably never have to see them again. This works both ways so you should be open-minded but never do anything you are uncomfortable with.


Don't leave without saying goodbye. That's just rude and can leave the person feeling used. You also don't want to drag it out either, if you have both been clear that this is only a one-night stand then Netflix and chill for the day are a no-no.

Finish the Job

If it turned out to be a more frustrating than pleasurable one-night stand then you may want to finish the job yourself when you get home.

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