Wedding season is hotting up and after the wedding comes the honeymoon fun. Now all you long-time, married folk who are rolling your eyes, hush now, we can do an 'anniversary sex tips' another day. To begin, pack the essentials for your trip:

  • Lingerie
  • Suncream
  • Aftersun
  • Lube/ Massage oil
  • Earplugs!

Your main aim for your honeymoon is to relax after all the planning and the big day.

So first things first, get some sleep. Especially if you have a long flight before you reach your destination. Don't put any pressure on yourselves to have wild sex the first night there (after all, you have the rest of your lives together)

In my opinion, the best thing about the honeymoon is not the exotic location. It's the no phone, no making plans, nobody to bother you. So what are you going to do with all this free time (after you have slept, of course)?

Don't take yourselves too seriously. It doesn't have to be all about rushing around seeing all the sites or trying every position in the book (but keep the book handy for later). Have some fun, play some games together.

Honeymoon fun explore your surroundings and each other.

Get a map of the local area and pick out the key sites you want to explore. Then map out the key areas of your body you want your partner to explore. Toss a coin and decide which map to follow.

Honeymoon fun surprise each other with role-playing.

If there is ever a time to let go of your inhibitions its now. After all, they have committed to you and now they are stuck in a far off country with you! I'm not suggesting you roleplay Hannibal Lector or anything but there would be no harm in a little french maid outfit for example.

Cherry Pink French Maid Set

Honeymoon fun Bring some sex toys

I was going to say something funny like not bath toys but actually, do bring bath toys!!

cherry pink vibrating purple sponge with silver bullet for your bathtime honeymoon fun

The discreet design of this sex toy means you can leave it in shower or bath. It has a single-speed push button bullet that easily slides into centre channel in the middle of sponge, an elastic strap that snugly fits your hand to keep it in place and the vibration carries throughout material which is great for sensual massage.

These right here are great and you won't have to worry about heating all the hot water so a long lazy bath or shower would be great.

If water play is not your thing then you can bring some small discreet toys. We have a whole range here.

Honeymoon fun Get down to the spa.

Indulge in some pampering in the spa this will help you relax body and mind.

Have you any tips you would like to add? Was your honeymoon heaven or hell? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know.