The product descriptions say “Indulge in absolute pleasure with this rechargeable vibrating body massage wand. This massage Wand has a soft texture that will feel heavenly over the skin.” Let's break that down a little “indulge in absolute pleasure” - CHECK indulge is the exact right wording here. It is a pure indulgence, I almost felt guilty after using it. Like I had eaten a chocolate cake while on a diet. “Heavenly” - that doesn't even come close to it. I am not sure there is a word that could describe how amazingly intense the orgasm you get from this are.

How the love wand performs

Let's look at the basics. This “massager” has 7 functions of vibration rhythms. The best and worst thing about this product is just how strong those vibrations can be. I would suggest starting out at the LOWEST speed first. I thought I was an expert at clitoral stimulation from practice with rabbits and spot and went right in there with one of the higher speeds. The orgasm was so intense I couldn't even look at the thing for a week. But in the interest of research, I gave it another go.

I got my fella to play with me the second time. He was in control of the wand and under sticks instructions to go slow and my safe word was “ohmyf*****nggodstopit”.

Couples play?

As a tool for bringing couples together in my experience, this is not it, it breeds mistrust and contempt. My complaints of “its too high turn it down” were met with “if I turn it down anymore it will be off”. I didn't believe him “Why are you trying to ruin my orgasm!” This conversation repeated a few times in between squeals and wriggling away from it, resulted in NO happy ending, for ANYONE.

I had read that people describe this as their “go-to” vibrator so I wasn't about to give up on it.

When I next had the house to myself I psyched myself up and took it out of its box. It was a proper face off- “Listen here you little sh-wand, we are going to be friends and you are going to play nice.” The wand replied, “Listen you little c-cuddler it's not my fault you can't handle me.”

This time I started slow and got to know the different vibration patterns and intensities. I  was not disappointed. This is clearly the Queen of all clitoral stimulation toys but in my experience best for some selfish indulgence, ALONE. I look forward to getting some more practice in with

The wand is also good for massaging your body! After a tough day in the gym, believe me, it can work wonders on your calf muscles!

Finally one of my favourite features with any toy: This is a fully rechargeable massage toy that comes with a USB charging cable.