The best sex positions for weight loss. Now, let’s be frank here, most of us don't 'enjoy' working out. We may try to convince ourselves that we do, or that we prefer some forms more than others. But, in actual fact, that's a blatant lie. Yes, we know it's good for our bodies, our minds, that it will increase our life expectancy, that we'll have more energy and glowing skin. But when I look outside on a winters eve, you can downright guarantee that I'm going to choose to snuggle up with a glass of red in front of the fire over skipping off to the gym, or anywhere for that matter (unless it involves comfort food, oh, and wine).

You know what I mean!

We’ve all put in hours on a treadmill, we’ve all been to an intense group class that’s left us feeling like a lump of led, so much so that you struggle to get out of bed the next morning - literally. Or worse still, have been deemed unable to wash your own goddam hair. Maybe you’ve even tried skinny teas or diet pills?

The fact of the matter is, there’s no quick fix when it comes to losing weight and or, toning up. To shred stubborn pounds you need to achieve an energy deficit and exercise moderately. Simply put, this means that each day you take in fewer calories than you burn off and get physically active.

Although this can be challenging, you’ll be glad to know (you’ve known where I’m heading with this) that there are alternative forms of exercise that can help you achieve the body that you know you’re destined to rock!

Imagine this. The next time you’re presented with the opportunity to go for a run out in the elements, which now, likely means the freezing cold and icy rain, say ‘HELL NO’! Ditch your runners for some ‘freaky’ time with your lover! You’ll achieve the same, if not better results because, let’s be honest, on a scale of 1 to any kind of motivation, I know what I’d rather be doing!

Thankfully, sexercise does not require you to bend yourself into any Karma Sutra contortions to achieve great results (unless that’s what your goals are)! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know, that the most simple and easily attainable positions burn and tone in all the right places depending on the effort you put in!

So, read on for the basics…

Missionary - work your core

Don’t be fooled into thinking that missionary is s “lazy girl position” - if you really put your back into it, you can burn a fair few calories with this one! As your partner thrusts towards you, brace your core to give resistance in an opposite thrust back motion.

For added booty tone, try some butt squeezes!

Doggy Style - quads and glutes

As you have to stabilise yourself on all fours, there is natural core engagement involved in this one. And, whilst bracing yourself for the impact, you’ll also get a nice workout on your quadriceps and glutes.

To go the extra mile, you can create an upper body workout by placing your hands on a wall/bed frame in front and use your top half to push back and help thrust. 

Standing up - total body workout (many variations)

This is probably the most versatile and perhaps one of the trickiest. In saying that, it’s one of the most effective forms of sexercise!

You’re pretty much going to have to work every single muscle group. To support this posture, you will engage your core and legs just to keep upright. If you wrap your legs around your partner, you will also be relying on your arm strength to hold on.

Leaning against a wall or fixture will help stabilise you in this position and maybe protect you from injury. Practise!

Cowgirl - for the love of your butt and thighs

As effective as squatting is, this is way more fun!

When you position yourself on top, the lower part of your legs are braced and this will engage your butt and core to keep you balanced. As you ride the pony, the up and down movement will target your front thigh muscles and, if you’re doing it right, even your calves.

You can play around in this position, the smallest forward and backwards or rotational movements can help to work those muscle groups more and will burn extra calories!

Who’s ready to work-in?

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