If you are looking to become more sexually empowered, we have put together some simple tips to help you feel less nervous and more confident when starting a new sexual relationship.

Get to know yourself

One of the most important aspects of becoming more sexually confident is knowing exactly what you like. Masturbation is the key to understanding your body and what you like sexually, so use your imagination and discover what really turns you on.

Experimenting with sex toys is a great way to switch up your masturbation techniques, as well as your sex life. Across the Cherry Pink website, we have more than 160 best-selling vibrators for women available for you to choose from.

Buy sexy clothes

Shopping for sexy lingerie, online or in-store, is an amazing experience and will really boost your sexual confidence. Make sure you find something that you like and that you connect with. Any flattering and beautifully crafted lingerie has been proven to have a positive effect on the mind and body.

Lingerie like corsets, bustier, brassiere, thongs and g-string are tight when worn and enhance the shape of the body - the perfect way to make a woman feel comfortable as well as sexy. The feeling of sexy confidence is just one reason why women like to purchase gorgeous lingerie.

Communicate with your partner

You should never be afraid to communicate with your partner, as communication is a great way to establish exactly what you are looking to experience. Speaking up improves your chances of getting what you want from your sexual relationship, and being accepting of your partner will make him or her feel special and appreciated.

Sex is a very intimate experience for any couple and there is never any room in the bedroom for judgement. Being open to your partner's suggestions, recommendations and desires is a good way to improve your sexual confidence - whilst never feeling pressured to do something you're not comfortable with.

Love yourself

Loving yourself is the most important aspect of sexual confidence, which often comes with time. You should never compare your own confidence to that of others, as every individual comes with their own unique set of experiences that led up to making them the person they are. Focusing on what makes you feel good is the main goal, not worrying about how you look from a certain angle or if your stretch marks are on show. Erasing negative thoughts and living in the moment is the priority, training your brain to love yourself, and your flaws, first.

About Cherry Pink

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