What are they?

As the name implies, a cock ring is a sexual device that is traditionally used by males to place around their penis. Often they are made with flexible and stretchy materials such as rubber, silicone or plastic, as well as being available in a selection of different sizes and with different features. 

Why use one?

  • Solo sexual pleasure

The main purpose of using a cock ring is mainly for sexual intercourse with someone else, however they can still be used solo. This is because you can still masturbate whilst using a cock ring, primarily for the same reasons that are stated below.

  • Maintain an erection

As the cock ring is often very tight around the penis, it’s more than likely to restrict the blood flow within the penis. As a result, once the penis is erect, the ring will feel much tighter and prevent blood flow from retracting, enabling you to maintain an erection for longer. 

It’s also worth noting that they have been proven on occasion to assist with erectile dysfunction. This is because the prime cause of ED is when there isn’t enough blood in the penis to maintain an erection, which is where a ring around the penis can aid this as mentioned above. 

  • Delay and intensify orgasm

Due to restrictions in blood flow, they can also aid with the delay and intensity of your orgasm. This is because there will be a significant build-up in power and force due to the lack of room to move past your scrotum and up your shaft. As a result, the male orgasm will be delayed which will give you more time during sex if you are not interested in alternatives such as viagra.

  • Increase sexual pleasure for your partner

It’s estimated that the greater percentage of females can’t orgasm through penile penetration only, as many may need the incorporation of toys, fingers or a tongue. This is why many cock rings are designed with vibrating features so that they can stimulate the clitoris at the same time as penetration, further increasing the likelihood of female orgasm. 

Additionally, other models are designed for girth extension, which will make your penis feel wider and ultimately increase the sexual feeling. 

Different types of cock rings

  • Penis ring

As the name gives away, penis rings are designed to solely go around the base of the penis shaft. These are ideal for those who are not interested in testicular action but still want to support the delay in orgasms, increase pleasure and potentially aid with helping to prevent erectile dysfunction. 

  • Penoscrotal ring

Unlike the penis ring, penoscrotal rings not only include a ring around the shaft of your penis, but there are two additional rings that facilitate for your testicles. This is solely designed for an increase in pleasure for you, as well as providing the same benefits as the penis ring. 

  • Testicle ring

Unlike the previous two examples, testicle rings are designed solely to hang around the top of your testicles, not at the base of the scrotum as many think. The overall intent remains the same, though they have been proven to assist with erectile dysfunction better due to the centre of attention around the testicles. 

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