Why are couples using them?

  • Solo play

The title of this blog may be centred around couples, but it’s still worth noting that they are perfect for solo play. This is because you can simply lay back, insert and enjoy the toy whilst you change the setting with your phone or remote control without having to change position or alternate the setting manually. 

  • Foreplay

For couples that are looking to improve their foreplay, a remote control vibrator is ideal. Just like with a regular vibrator or any other sex toy, it can be used to increase the sexual excitement between you and your partner without having to physically touch, further enhancing the experience once intercourse begins. 

  • Public fun

If you like risky but discreet sexual pleasure with your partner, then remote control vibrators are perfect to use in public. Most are very discreet in terms of size, but also with volume, where they are almost impossible to hear by others - with the only noise that you will need to control is your partner when they get too excited. 

  • Long-distance

With the use of remote control toys, long-distance relationships can feel sexually closer. Long-distance can also mean many things, from home to office, across the country or even further - different devices have different reaching capabilities. 

How they operate

  • Remote control

If you are close to your partner or using the vibrator solo, then it’s likely that you can use a remote control or dedicated remote vibrator. This is because they use a dedicated remote with a limited range, which is why they are suited for close-range activities including foreplay, public usage or solo play. 

  • Long-distance

Having a wi-fi internet connection will mean that you can easily use remote vibrators over long distances so that you can maintain a strong sexual relationship. That being said, you must have a stable connection to avoid interruption and issues from occurring. 

  • App  

Like with many devices, remote vibrators can be controlled over a mobile application. Notable apps include Vibease and the Lovense Remote app, both give you full control through Bluetooth, meaning you can easily control the vibrator for you or your partner in secrecy.  

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