Brand new dildo or vibrator

Many females now regularly use either a dildo or vibrator for solo sexual pleasure, with some couples also using the special toy during shared sexual activities. However, as technology and research have improved, so has the advancement of the most popular sex toy variation. 

There are several new styles available, all designed for different purposes, stimulation and much more. That being said, if you are looking to gift the most pleasurable toy possible for your partner, then we suggest looking towards a duel vibrator, with a great option available on the market being the Butch Cassidy Pink Vibrator.

Invest in sexy lingerie

Women always want to feel sexy whenever they can, so why not aid this gifting them with a set of sexy lingerie? Whether it’s a complete set, just the undergarments or a babydoll, we are certain a new set of lingerie is bound to have her excited to try it on straight away. 

Sexy nightie

Similar to lingerie, giving your partner a sexy and comfortable nightie is always a way to show your love and affection. Especially if you purchase an all silk option, she will remain comfortable during the night and everywhere in the house throughout the day. Additionally, most nighties are also designed to be very sexy, which will boost her confidence as well as promoting the opportunity of intimacy between you and your partner. 

Bondage starter kit

Often seen as a risky option, purchasing a starter bondage kit for your significant other could come as a sexy surprise. If you know your partner well, you should be aware of their feelings towards BDSM, so this gift choice will need to be considered before purchasing. 

Massage oil

If massages are an intimate part of your sexual routine, why not make the experience even more special with new and fresh massages oils? There are endless options available in terms of purpose, ingredients and what it will do to your body, so it’s important to choose an appropriate massage oil that your partner will enjoy.  

Sensual candles 

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a candle? However, with endless options available to select from in every store, why not start looking for an extra efficient choice - a dual-purpose candle? Not only will the candle set the mood, but you will have the opportunity to use the melted wax/massage oil on their body, further increasing the sexual feelings building up between the sheets. 

Look no further

Have you obtained a better understanding of what to get your other half this Christmas? Then why not head over and purchase from our very own website, We currently have a section dedicated to Christmas presents for her, where we have a selection of sex toys and accessories that are bound to excite her this festive season. 

For those that are struggling to find the perfect gift, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are certain we can assist. By calling +353 (0) 402 2399, you will have the opportunity to speak to one of our friendly advocates who will be more than happy to confer about your needs so that we can recommend the most suitable products available on our website.