Additionally, sex dolls are becoming increasingly advanced in terms of capabilities, design and function, but what is the craze behind this? 

What are sex dolls?

Sex dolls are a type of sex toy that is often designed to mimic the size and shape of a human partner for sexual purposes. There are various alterations available, some with all body parts that a human would have, as well as specific dolls that may only consist of particular body parts such as a head, pelvis or any other sexual area. 

Previously, sex dolls were made with vinyl or latex, but some of the more advanced and realistic dolls are now being created with silicon or TPE as they appear much more realistic compared to previous material choices.  

Why do men like them? 

  • Companionship

Although this is may not be the case in every situation, several people use sex dolls for companionship. This is because they can be used however people wish, not even in a sexual way either, as many will simply have a doll at home for companionship when they get lonely. 

  • Satisfy specific doll fetish

Everyone has their ‘type’, so their perfect human which includes certain features such as hair colour, body size, muscle and all else, which is where a doll is ideal. Depending on where you go to make your purchase, you can design the doll exactly how you wish, enabling you to ‘almost’ have your perfect girlfriend. 

  • Stronger sex life

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Using a sex doll may also aid with the improvement of your sex life. Not only can you practice particular techniques, but you can also learn more about yourself and the moves that you prefer, enabling you to perfect them before approaching a partner.

  • Reasonably safe

With conventional sex, germs are continuously spreading between all those involved, which isn’t the case with using a sex doll. It’s more than likely that sex dolls will be exclusively used by one person, meaning very little harmful bacteria will be spread, meaning there are no chances of catching an STI. The only thing worth remembering is to clean your doll on a regular basis, which is important to maintain hygiene and longevity of the doll. 

  • No disappointment

Well, this point may depend on your own experiences, but it’s unlikely that you will be disappointed through the use of a sex doll. This depends on a range of factors, though if you are choosing the specific doll you want yourself, there is far less chance that you will be disappointed. 

They aren’t solely for men

Although the focus of this blog is centred around why men use sex dolls, it’s important to realise that women do also purchase and use sex dolls. Often this is for the exact same purposes, though dolls for women will be different in terms of components and capabilities. 

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