Lube Tube Cotton Candy

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Lube Tube Cotton Candy

Not all water-based lubricants are the same! This is the Lube Tube Cotton Candy that will give a whole new meaning to I love giving oral sex. Oh my it tastes lovely 

Using The Lube Tube 

Oral sex is good, but using this cotton candy Lube during oral sex is great the scent and flavour are so enjoyable you won't want to stop while your partner will enjoy every minute you stay, leading to stimulation and orgasms of epic proportions. The aroma of cotton candy will linger on while you make love and long after. This is one water-based lube you should have on your locker 

Care and Storage 

When the lovemaking is over store your Lube Tube Cotton Candy in a safe place with the lid on tight away from little fingers   


Product Features: 

  • Water-based
  • Cotton Candy Flavoured
  • Cotton Candy Scent
  • 150ml Tube
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