Safe Condoms Standard 10 Pack

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Safe Condoms Standard 10 Pack

Durex is not the only condoms on the market! Safe condoms are made of a high-quality latex and come in all sizes Safe condoms can be used for Vaginal or Anal sex Safe condoms can be used with some water-based Lubricants,

Using Standard Safe Condoms 

Safe standard condoms with an anatomic shape fit perfectly and give the feeling of security you need when meeting a new partner for the first time it is important to keep your you and your partner safe.   

All Safe Condoms have a CE registration and meet all strict European requirements. In order to maintain the high-quality level of Safe condoms, these are tested by an independent test laboratory.

Disposing of your condom

When you have finished with your Safe condoms tie a knot in it wrap it in a tissue and put it in the bin

Product Features:

  • Made of High-Quality Latex
  • width: 56 mm
  • Length: 19,5 cm
  • CE Registration
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