there are a number of options available to those of the male persuasion, all of which are guaranteed to, in some way or another, enhance your sexual experiences. As experts in the field, the team here at Cherry Pink are pleased to be able to offer some insight into some of the essential male sex toys that you need to try. 

The Hands-Free Masturbator

There are times that you may want the sexual gratification associated with orgasms, but do not want to put the effort in, you may greatly benefit from obtaining a hands-free masturbator. There are a number of products which fall into this classification, and all of which have certain selling-points. If you would like to live out a long-standing fantasy of having relations with a celebrity, why not bring Pamela Anderson’s Love Doll into the bedroom? Alternatively, if you would like to enjoy a simulated blowjob that can match the sucking sensation created by the real thing, we would suggest investing in the Autoblow.

The Traditional Cock Ring

When it comes to prolonging sexual encounters, it is hard to overlook the traditional cock ring as a premium product. This is typically a toy which is used when a partner is around; however, this is not to say that you cannot enjoy trying it out solo use. For those that did not already know, the cock ring works by preventing blood from flowing, as it normally would, down the shaft. The result of this is that the user’s erection lasts for longer, and is also typically harder. You can be sure that if you try this out, your partner will be thanking you for days to come.

Pocket Vagina

Thanks to the advances that have been made within the manufacturing industry, sex toys have, in recent years, become more realistic. This is evident no more so than with pocket vaginas. Typically created out of a realistic silicone, you are able to satisfy yourself with the feeling of being with a partner, even though you are enjoying some alone time. A variety of models are available, all of which recreate a different type of body part. If you are partial to oral, the Realistic Oral Masturbator with Pump will certainly satisfy your urges. For those that are a fan of the simple things in life, look no further than the classic Vagina Pocket Masturbator.

Prostate Massager

Although you may have heard the rumours, the chances are that you have never experienced the intense orgasms which are triggered by playing with the prostate. If you do not have a partner to perform this act, it could be that a prostate massager is the product for you. Whether you would like a more basic Anal Bead Vibrator to discover yourself, or desire to try something different in the form of a Inflatable Anal Plug, you can be sure that your curiosity will be more than sated.

Why Choose Cherry Pink?

When it comes to finding somewhere from which you can buy male sex toys online, the first name that should come to mind is that of Cherry Pink. As a company, we are dedicated to helping sexually active individuals find gratification in a number of different ways. No matter if you are searching for the perfect sex doll to live out your wildest fantasies with, or are interested in experimenting with a penis extender, we are here for you. Due to the intimate nature of our services, we understand that you may have some questions regarding our products. If this is the case, we ask that you visit the contact page on our website, and follow the instructions given.