Stay Hard Beef Ball Stretcher Snug Black

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Blush Black Ball Stretcher 

So you are thinking of stretching your balls, but where to start? Well, we recommend a nice warm bath or shower, just to heat up your testicles before the stretching begins, once your balls are nice and relaxed the gentle stretching can begin.

Using The Ball Stretcher 

Place your finger and thumb around the balls and gently pull downward always staying with your comfort zone, when you have tried this several times and are still comfortable, try to pull on the stay hard beef ball stretcher, if you are happy and still comfortable leaving on the ball stretcher for no more than 20 minutes at a time. as you get into the fun of ball stretching you can try stacking two ball stretchers on at once to bring them, bad boys, down even further. just wearing a ball stretcher gives the tight feeling just before you climax, and you and your partner will enjoy the feel of your balls banging off their body during lovemaking 

Care and Cleaning 

When you have finished playing with your stay hard, ball stretcher it can be washed with warm soapy water, Store your ball stretcher away from little fingers and prying eyes. Use your ball stretcher regularly to keep them hanging low. Use some coconut oil on your balls or shea butter to help maintain your skin’s elasticity.

Don’t have a ball stretcher on too tight; you could cut off the blood flow to the testicles. stop immediately if they turn blue or feel cold if things don’t improve, see your doctor, don’t ejaculate while wearing a ball stretcher for the first few times and be gentle and don’t hurt your self.

Product Features:

  • Stretch and elongate your scrotum.
  • Feel your balls pulled to increase sensations.
  • The extreme player can stack beef ball stretchers.
  • Soft, yet strong and pliable.
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How it measures up
Diameter Outer width 1.5 Inch or 3.8 cm
Total Lenght Height 1 inch or 2.5 cm
How it feels
Material TPE
Essential info
Body Safe Yes
Colour Black
Latex Free Yes
Phthalate Free Yes
Waterproof Yes