The Best Lubricants To Use With Your Sex Toys

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First of all, what are The Best Lubricants To Use With Your Sex Toys? It is a vast misconception that lubricant is only for people who struggle with vaginal dryness. And this isn’t the case. For instance, lube is something that absolutely everyone can use.

It can be a great addition to any sexual experience, including solo sessions with sex toys. Many different lubricants are available nowadays, from silicone lubes to flavoured lubes. And brands are becoming more innovative with their products.

If you’ve never considered using gels with your sex toys before, below, we have looked into how lube can make your solo sessions much more pleasurable. 

Why you should try using lubricants with your sex toys

When you’re pleasuring yourself with sex toys, using lube can help to make the whole experience more enjoyable. Gels give a super smooth glide, and when you’re using adult toys like dildos and anal toys, you can enjoy some friction-free fun.

In addition, applying lube to your sex toys can add a whole new dimension to your sexual experiences, helping you to climax quicker and more intensely. Finally, lubricants can help you try new things, and experimenting with new adult toys can spice up your sex life. 

First, you can keep going for longer when using lube, and chafing or dryness won’t spoil your solo sessions. Next, you will be able to focus on enjoying the moment without being uncomfortable. Meanwhile, you will be surprised by just how incredible masturbation can feel when you can relax and have fun. 

The best lubricants to try 

As mentioned above, there is a vast range of lubricants on the market these days, and most of them are suitable for use with adult toys. To be safe, though, it’s always worth double-checking that the lubricant you buy is safe to use with both sex toys and condoms before you start using it. 

Amongst the selection available, some of our go-to-lubricants for solo sessions with sex toys include; 

Water-based lubes

Water-based lubes are the safest choice when purchasing a lubricant with your sex toys. You don’t need to worry about this type of lube destroying your sex toys, and you can use it to your heart’s content. Water-based lubes are still super slippery. And they will keep your intimate area moisturised, making using penetrative sex toys more enjoyable. 

Warming lubes

As the name suggests, this type of lubricant can add some heat to your sexual experience. Warming lubes are perfect for solo play, and they provide a new and exciting feeling, whether you’re using male masturbators or clitoral stimulators. But, of course, warming lubes still provide a slippery glide. So they add another layer of stimulation too. 

Orgasmic lubes

This type of lubricant will enhance every touch, and when using an orgasmic lube with your sex toys, you can enjoy the best orgasmic experience. Even the lightest touch will provide pleasure when you use orgasmic lubes, making them ideal for your solo sessions. In addition, you will only need a small amount of orgasmic lube, so one bottle will provide lots of fun. 

Purchasing lubricants and sex toys in Ireland

If you would like to try using lubricant with your sex toys, look at the vast selection of quality products we supply at Cherry Pink. Our website has something for everyone, with brands like Durex, Just Glide, Mai Cosmetics, Orgie and Touche Lubricants.

Meanwhile, you won’t struggle to find a lubricant that meets all of your needs. We are proud to be considered the number one adult shop for sex toys in Ireland.

 Furthermore, you can always order from our website in confidence, knowing you’re getting the quality products you deserve. We can assure you that we are 100% discreet, too, and your privacy is our top priority. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our online or Discreet walk-in sex toy shop. 

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