Things To Do On A Wet Evening

Things to do on a wet evening blog image of a women on the inside of a wet window.

Lashing Rain Time To Play.

Things to do on a wet evening, stop looking out the window and wishing the rain would stop. Use this time to enjoy an evening of naughty fun with your partner. But first, gather up all your sex toys and sexy lingerie and don’t forget the lube.

These dark rainy evenings are the perfect time to enjoy your bolder side and experiment with new ideas. Below you will find adult playtime ideas to let your imagination run wild and relish in an unforgettable evening of pleasure.

Sexy lingerie to unleash your seductive side.

Getting your partner in the mood for love is easier with sexy lingerie from Cherry Pink. Slipping into a sexy body stocking with a crotchless front will have your lover watching your every move. Or a pair of tight high tights, peek-a-boo panty and some high heels will have your bedroom rocking in no time. However, nothing is more sexy than seeing your lover dressed for fun, standing with a bottle of flavoured lubricant.

Heighten the sensation with a blindfold.

Did you know that wearing a blindfold makes every touch of your lover’s fingers or lips more fun? For example, waiting for the touch of their lips on your nipple is thrilling. Or the gentle hands opening your thighs will send exciting pleasure down your spine. But of course, your lover will have other sex toys to keep you wondering what will happen next.

Add a dash of discipline with spanking paddles.

More things to do on wet evenings are explore role-playing and dip your toes into bondage play. Bondage can have a bad name for rough sex and pain, but this is not true for most couples. Bondage can bring couples closer together as they learn to trust each other. One type of bondage play is spanking each other with a paddle or crop. In addition, combine this with a blindfold, and the game becomes even more fun and a bit scary.

More things to do on a wet evening Lubricants.

We all know that sex is better with a good lubricant. However, you can enjoy better oral and anal play with our extensive range of lubes and gels. For instance, giving or receiving oral is better fun with the sweet smell of strawberries or chocolate. Or try some cum play with lube that looks and feels like real sperm. So from using sex toys to lovemaking, a good lube can be an invaluable addition to your rainy evening adventures.

Set the mood with massage oil.

Things to do on a wet evening is to turn your bedroom into a massage parlour. This is one your partner will love to partake in. But first, you don’t need to know anything about massages or what to do. Put a large towel on your bed and lay your partner down. Apply the oil to your hands and start with the shoulders, working your way to the feet. However, getting past the mid-section will be challenging; that is where the fun begins.

Share the joy with a couple’s vibrator.

These couples’ sex toys will have you climaxing together in no time. The U-shaped toys deliver clitoral stimulation while simultaneously vibrating the length of his penis. Also, these toys bring you closer together and intensify lovemaking. Or let your partner control your pleasure by handing them your G-spot vibrator, bringing you to orgasm. Use these sex toys with slippery water-based lubricants for even more joy.

Things to do on a wet evening. Solo Play.

Why not try something new with solo play? For example, watching each other masturbating is naughty but exciting as you slip the vibrator into your body. Or you are looking at your partner slipping into his favourite Fleshlight Girl Masturbator. These sex games add extra spice to dull relationships while being visually exciting to both. However, once the solo sex is over, you will soon be in each other’s arms laughing before the lovemaking starts.

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