Tips For Using Sex Toys During Foreplay

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Better Sex For Loving Couples

You will enjoy better sex with our Tips For Using Sex Toys During Foreplay. For instance, some people think foreplay is the best part of a sexual experience. For this reason, many couples will spend a long time arousing each other before intercourse.

Of course, foreplay can be very diverse, and everyone enjoys different things, whether this is roleplay or sensual touch. So, to improve foreplay with your partner, you should consider using sex toys.

A range of sex toys can add to your sexual excitement and pleasure. Furthermore, there are many sexual benefits to incorporating sex toys into foreplay. 

Meanwhile, don’t worry if you don’t use sex toys often and have never used them with your partner. Mention that you might like to try some couples’ sex toys, and your partner will quickly become receptive to the idea. 

To help anyone wanting to appreciate sex toys during foreplay, we have included some helpful tips below to get you started. Once your sex toys arrive, it won’t take long to get the hang of things.

Try a few different toys.

As mentioned above, there’s a range of different sex toys on the market for couples to try. But it may take some experimenting to find something you and your partner enjoy. In addition, not all sex toys are expensive, and you might want to get several beginner toys to start your journey. For example, you will enjoy the pleasures of a vibrating clitoral cock ring.

Also, exploring different sex toys will bring you closer as you enjoy each other’s bodies. Furthermore, dildos are becoming the must-have sex toy for couples as men explore prostate play. Meanwhile, using condoms while sharing anal sex toys and dildos makes clean-up easy.

Some more Tips For Using Sex Toys During Foreplay are lube, gel and massage oils.

Start using lube straight away.

First, it’s always beneficial to use lubricant during intercourse. However, if you’re playing with sex toys, you should get your lube out much sooner. Using lube with sex toys can help to make the experience much more enjoyable.

Not only will lube make the toys slippery, which is perfect for things like vaginal and anal play, but it can add another layer of stimulation. For example, warming and tingling lubes are brilliant to use during foreplay. 

Tell your partner what you like.

When using sex toys with your partner for the first time, communication is essential. Also, be honest about what you do and don’t like. For instance, this is particularly important during foreplay. After all, you’re supposed to turn each other on during this time.

So, don’t be afraid to talk to each other while experimenting with sex toys. Also, tell your partner what you want them to do when they have a sex toy in their hand. 

Use the toys all over your body.

Many people think somebody can only use sex toys on genitals, but this isn’t the case. You can use sex toys all over your body to provide sensations you’ve never experienced. For instance, some sex toys are fully waterproof; you can enjoy them in the shower or bath with your lover.

Vibrators are a perfect example of a sex toy you can use in multiple places. While they mainly stimulate the clitoris, you can use vibrators on your nipples and other sensitive areas. The vibration excites you and makes you want more fun during foreplay with your delighted partner. 

Experiment with remote-controlled toys.

To take your foreplay to the next level, consider purchasing a remote control vibrator. You can use this toy with your partner even if you’re not in the same room; think of the fun you can have.

For example, if you’re feeling naughty, you can use remote-control vibrators in public. Imagine the orgasmic feel of the vibrations while trying to pay for coffee or walking up the veg aisle at Tesco. Meanwhile, giving your partner complete control of your pleasure is fun but scary.

Stop before you get too excited.

Often, couples use sex toys to help them reach orgasms or intensify their orgasms during intercourse. However, this isn’t the intention during foreplay. If you’re not careful when using a sex toy, you will get too excited and orgasm before penetration. So, stop your foreplay at the right time to enjoy lovemaking.

With these few tips, you and your lover can enjoy using sex toys together. But of course, there is nothing to stop you from enjoying solo pleasure from a vibrator or male masturbator. Finally, sex toys don’t keep couples apart but bring them together for sexual fun.

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