Whilst some may see this as an embarrassing topic to discuss, here at Cherry Pink we believe that it presents a chance to reinvent yourself beneath the sheets. If you would like some advice on how to improve your sex life, allow us to delve into the matter. 

Experiment with Different Positions

One of the main reasons as to why people get into a sexual rut in the first place is due to the fact that they tend to stick to a single position. Whilst this is normally due to the fact that they feel comfortable and relaxed with this, which is not a bad thing, it can lead to boredom. An easy yet effective way in which to change this is to mix up the positions that you adopt in the bedroom. For example, if you typically slip right into missionary, it could be worthwhile experimenting with doggy-style; it is guaranteed to bring you a wave of different feelings.

Keep Talking to Each Other

If there is a particular reason in which you are not finding the sexual experiences with your partner particularly satisfying, speak up about it. Should you keep quiet about it, things will never change, as your partner will not realise that there is anything wrong. Being part of a couple means to be open and honest with one another. If you are worried about hurting the feelings of your significant other, don’t be - they will want to change, in order to better satisfy you. Communication is key, and should never be ignored.

Why not Invest in a Sex Toy?

It is important to realise and acknowledge that simply because you are introducing a sex toy into your bedroom encounters, does not mean that you are replacing your partner. Many people fail to realise that sex toys can be used as part of a couple, and enhance the experience for both parties. One tip would be to not surprise your significant other before unveiling it; this should be something that you discuss prior so that you both feel comfortable.

Educate Yourself into the World of Sex

Sometimes, the best way in which to improve your sex life is by simply doing some research. Although it may seem a little out of date, reading books and online articles could do wonders for your sexual encounters. No longer will you have to flounder around, not quite sure of what feels good and what doesn’t. Adjusting your technique ever so slightly could bring great satisfaction to both you and your partner, with orgasms aplenty. It is important to remember that, as much as you would like to think so, you are not a sexual guru, and that there could be someone out there that knows more on the subject than you.

How Can Cherry Pink Assist you?

For anyone that did not already know, here at Cherry Pink, we are home to some of the finest adult sex toys in Ireland. You will be hard-pressed to find an online adult shop that has the range of quality sex toys that we possess in our stock. From vibrators to dildos, male masturbators to anal plugs - there is very little that we cannot supply you with. Aside from our status as a first-class online sex shop, we are proud to have built up a reputation for offering exceptional customer service. If you would like to have an in-depth discussion with a member of our team, feel free to get in touch - you can reach out using any of the methods detailed on our website’s contact page