Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life This Christmas

Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life This Christmas Wrote Beside a Couple in Santa Suits.

Christmas is a time for celebrating with friends, family and, above all, your significant other. However, as the time of year ends, you may have lost that sexual spark, resulting in dull and potentially lacklustre sex. Fortunately, with the Christmas season, there are several unique and exciting ways to spice up your sex life, which we will explore below.

 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Write your naughty list.

Although you should be comfortable enough with your partner to talk about everything, not everyone is as open as they want to be regarding sexual fantasies. Christmas can resolve this, as you can write your ‘naughty list’ full of your sexual desires, which you can then give to your partner.

Christmas unwrapping

This can be taken in various ways, but to keep it traditional means stripping off and getting down with your partner near the Christmas tree. Of course, you can set the mood even more by lighting the fire, turning the lights down and enjoying a drink, but turning Christmas unwrapping into sexual activity can be very exciting for many couples.

Dress up for the occasion.

On the other hand, why not dress up for the occasion with role-play and sexy lingerie? Show your festive side with appropriate clothing, such as a sexy Santa outfit or a colour-appropriate corset and bodysuit. You can also go beyond the company and carry out various role-play scenarios, which will further enhance sexual arousal and, ultimately, ways to spice up your sex life.

Christmas is about eating.

You’ll already eat as much as possible at Christmas dinner, so why not do the same for your partner? But unfortunately, not all couples regularly engage in oral pleasure. More so, not as many males engage in oral pleasure as females, which is where Christmas can bring balance.

On the other hand, why not take a look at edible clothing? You can tease and engage your partner by wearing a notable piece of clothing, such as underwear, that is also edible, creating an exciting and new experience for many couples.

Drink to celebrate

Why not also take this opportunity to drink a ton of alcohol and indulge in sexual activities? It’s more than likely that the alcohol will help relax you and your partner, which may improve bedroom performance, but it will undoubtedly ease both of you, which may aid with fantasies and ideas you would like to try.

Treat your partner this Christmas.

If Christmas is known for one thing, it’s giving and receiving gifts, so why not treat your partner this holiday season? Here at Cherry Pink, we have a wide selection of sex toys and other sexual products that will excite your partner while finding new ways to spice up your sex life this Christmas. In addition, we have a selection of Christmas deals available, so whether you are looking for naughty toys for him, her or a couple, we are confident we can satisfy your requirements.

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