One of the biggest game-changers is lube. The team here at Cherry Pink, a premier sex shop, are pleased to explain the benefits of this substance. 

Puts your mind at ease

For some women, it can be difficult to enjoy the physical intimacy and pleasure that sex brings whilst constantly worrying about not being wet enough. However, if you are with someone that you truly care about, this should not stand in your way when trying to reach that wonderful orgasm. In order to put this matter to rest, we would encourage you to use lube during your encounters.

Keeps things going for longer

Sometimes people want to enjoy a drawn-out sexual marathon. If this is the case, you would be foolish to not bring some lube along with you. There is no reason that chafing should stop you from trying out all the things you have dreamed of. Lube will let you change positions as many times as you wish, and allow the waves of enjoyment to keep washing over you.

Solo encounters are improved

Most people assume that lube is something just to be used when having sex with someone. However, nowhere in the rulebook is this stated. If you are looking for a way in which to enhance masturbating, look no further than introducing some lube into the mix. It doesn’t matter if you are using adult toys like vibrators and dildos, or even using your fingers - you will be reducing friction, allowing for a more tingling and sensitive experience.

Makes anal a lot smoother

If you are wanting to engage in anal sex, be it with a male or female partner, you are going to need something that will combat the friction and tightness. This is where water-based lubes can provide a valuable service. Should you be wanting to have a smooth and fulfilling experience, we’d recommend being rather generous with how much lube you use.

About Cherry Pink

When it comes to purchasing sex toys online in Ireland, the first company name that should come to mind is Cherry Pink. The team here all share a passion, and that is to help people get more out of their sexual encounters. To us, it does not matter if you are searching for the best sex toys for couples, or would like to browse through all the dildos for sale that we have. Our mission is to ensure that you are left smiling-and-satisfied by the products that we provide you with.

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