Wild Stud Delay Spray

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Wild Stud Delay Spray 

Making love for longer! Delay your ejaculation! Satisfying your partner has never been easier with this Wild Stud Delay Spray simple to use and gets results fast.

Using The Delay Spray

Spray a little onto your penis then rub it in well it has a mild anaesthetic effect that helps delay ejaculation resulting in longer sessions of sexual pleasure. Wait for 5-10 minutes before having sex with a partner Wipe off or wash off any liquid left on your penis before having sex. Use the spray alone to see how it works for you before trying with a partner. 

     Start Slow with 1 spray to see how it works and how it affects your penis not happy try 2 sprays and so on. Apply to the head and shaft of the penis and rub it in gently it should be adsorbed in 10-20 seconds. Now wash your hands. Flaccid or erect it makes no difference. Now, wait 15 minutes before sex use this time to play with your partner then wash it off or wipe it off with a damp cloth. Condoms can be used, Gel can be used, The spray can taste so oral sex without a condom is not recommended. The wild stud delay spray can last up to one hour. Do not use on cuts or skin damage. Be safe, keep your partner safe. Enjoy sex.

Care and Storing 

When your fun is finally over store your Wild Stud Delay Spray in a safe place away from little fingers with the lid on tight 


Product Features: 

  • Size 20ml
  • Spray
  • Cobeco Brand

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