There are some people that believe that lube is only something to be used when engaging in anal sex - this could not be further from the truth. For those of you that enjoy using an adult toy on a regular basis, lubricant can be used to make the experience more smooth-and-seamless. You can also use it with a partner - some of the models which you can currently purchase allow both individuals the chance to enjoy a tingling sensation which can make your sexual encounters considerably more exciting. A perfect example of this type of product is the Lovely Long Lubricant supplied by Durex.


In recent years, the importance of condoms has grown beyond belief, and many couples up-and-down the country have begun to introduce these into the bedroom. First-and-foremost, these are a fantastic way in which to prevent unwanted pregnancies; not only this, but they can stop you from contracting STDs and STIs. However, there is a secondary purpose that is often overlooked. Thanks to the rubber exterior, when placed over the penis they can ensure that you do not ejaculate too quickly, ensuring that you and your partner can enjoy sex for longer.

Penis Sleeve

Whilst there is certainly nothing wrong with having sex without any added extras, there is no denying that more fulfilling encounters can be had by using any one of a range of sex toys. Case-and-point, the penis sleeve has recently experienced a spike in popularity, and it is not hard to see why. These products not only allow the man to keep performing for extended periods, but the bumps and ridges have been shown to greatly enhance the enjoyment of their partner. When it comes to penetration, adding a different texture into the mix never goes amiss.

Pleasure Box

If you are unable to narrow down which product from the list above you would be best-suited to purchase, why not enjoy a sample of all of them? If this sounds appealing to you, it is the Pleasure Box that you need. Many consider this to be the ultimate sexual companion, and for good reason. Inside, you can expect such items as pleasure rings, flavoured condoms and orgasmic lubricant to feature. These will allow you, and whomever you choose, to freely explore one another’s bodies, and subsequently have the time of your lives.

Cherry Pink - Here to Help

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