We Offer Safe and Discreet Online Shopping for Ireland’s Adult Consumer

About Us, Cherry Pink is a 100% Irish-owned company. We are a husband and wife team from Arklow Co. Wicklow with years of retail experience. We ran a very successful small newsagent in Arklow town as a couple for over twenty years.

We started this adult sex toy shop in 2014, mainly because we had a bad shopping experience with another adult store.

One Friday morning, our local postman handed me a parcel in our newsagent shop, “have a good weekend“, he said, smiling. He could feel the shape of some of the sex toys we purchased through the mailing bag.

We were shocked that the post office staff knew our private business. So, I handed the parcel to my wife and phoned the adult toy shop.

After a conversation with the shop manager, I learned that’s the way they send out the items. But the sex toys were fine, and we enjoyed the weekend, but how they arrived made us think. Could we do a better job, be more discreet, and give a better customer experience?

About Us – An Idea Good Or Bad

So, over the next month, we looked into setting up our online adult sex toy shop. But, as I have said, we are shopkeepers and know nothing about web development. For instance, the cost was shocking and sourcing the products was a new experience.

Then, we found a website developer to take us on as a client and set an actual website in motion. So we worked in our newsagent shop during the day while looking for a name for our website. Meanwhile, Cherry Pink was available, and we both liked the name.

We found a company in Holland that supplied dildos, vibrators and male masturbators. However, we quickly realised we would need at least six hundred different sex toys to start the website. Also, we would need at least five of each toy.

However, it was a massive undertaking that we should have looked into more thoroughly in hindsight.

Then we received the website from our developer and realised it was blank, and we would have to fill the pages ourselves. For example, each sex toy has to have a separate web page with pictures and information on how it works. So Youtube and Google became our places for web development and website content information.

 About Us – Getting Found

After several months of hard work, we were finally ready to go live online to sell our adult products. However, it is not that simple. Google can’t find you, nor can anyone else, for that matter. So we quickly learned we needed a Google ads person to help us get online. So, we met with several people over the next few weeks and finally met one we both liked.

However, we quickly realised that Google needs lots of money to help you get found online. We didn’t know about this further cost, but we had to keep going.

We decided to keep adding new weekly stock to our ever-growing website. Also, we had a massive warehouse at the back of our old shop that we used to store Cherry Pink items.

Sales And Credit Cards

Our next problem was getting a bank to give us a credit payment gateway for the website. Once we got this sorted, we were ready to go online. However, the process took us over six months of hard work. But, of course, our first sale was fantastic as we finally were up and running. We had roles of brown wrapping paper, boxes, and strong mailing bags but no workstation.

We quickly set up our wrapping station, and the orders continued.

Honest Customer Reviews About Us

We wanted to let people know more about us and how discreet our packaging is as time passed. So we looked at the online review platforms but found that any website can write a good review or take a bad one down. Then, we found Feefo, a UK company you must pay to collect reviews.

It provides honest and truthful reviews from the customer’s email. However, we can’t take it down if we get a bad review.

Over the years, more people have heard about us and our 100% discreet reputation. Furthermore, our business has grown from strength to strength, and now we have a team of workers helping us. However, the website still needs work every day to keep it working.

Delivering Your Parcel Safely

We also discovered some parcel delivery companies might leave your package with your neighbour. Also, they might leave it on your doorstep, so we stopped using these companies altogether.

We now use An Post Express, as you must sign for your parcel and they offer excellent services. However, they will bend these rules if you permit them via a note with your order. Meanwhile, we have gained the trust of thousands of people over the years. So, now you know a bit more about us and how we started our adult adventures.

So, if you need advice or have questions about what sex toys you might want, phone or email us. Cherry Pink has been keeping people happy since 2014.

Our office is in Arklow Co. Wicklow. In addition, we started this business to make it easier for people to buy adult sex toys in Ireland without worrying about how they will arrive in the post. Furthermore, we have each parcel delivered with discreet packaging and fast shipping.

We offer you a convenient and confidential sex shop experience.

Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award 2022

We keep your secrets.

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