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Lube Everything That You Need

Lube Everything That You Need To Know. It is important to remember that there are countless products which, when used in the correct fashion, can revolutionise your sex life for the better. When you are trying to improve your solo-sessions, you will be thrilled at the number of sex toys from which you can choose from. However, we believe that there is not-enough focus pointed towards the accessories that you can use as a couple.

Here at Cherry Pink, we think that lube is now shown the amount of love that it deserves. This can complete transform what goes on inside the bedroom. Hopefully give you a new appreciation of the joys that sex can bring you. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to use our incredible amount of expertise to provide you with an in-depth guide about lube.

What Is It?

In case you have had no prior exposure to lube. Allow us a moment to offer a brief bit of insight into these products as a whole. In essence, there are liquids that are designed to try and reduce the level of friction that is generated whilst you are having sex. In some instances, you may find that these are more of a gel-like substance, meaning that they are slightly stickier. However, they tend to function in the same way.

Why Is It Used?

As we have already touched upon. The main reason that you may decide to use lube is to try and improve the penetrative element of sex. In all likelihood, you will have had sex many times without taking advantage of any type of lubricant. Whilst this is all well-and-good. It may mean that one, if not both, of you are forced to endure a mild amount of discomfort. One of the best things associated with lube is that it can be deployed not only for vaginal sex, but also for anal sex. If you are trying to spice-up your solo-sessions, this could also come in handy.

Different Variants of Lube

Over the years, lube manufacturers have tried to become more-and-more innovative; their understanding of the world of sex is second-to-none, and they certainly put this to good use. If you are someone that has extremely sensitive skin, for example. You might like to try organic lube – this is sustainably produced using only natural ingredients. Alternatively, you may want to experiment with warming lube, as this can heighten the experiences of all the parties that are involved.

Example Flavours in Lubes

On the face of it, you may feel as if it is somewhat pointless to buy flavoured lube – after all, this is meant to enhance penetrative sex. However, these specific units can certainly allow you to get more-enjoyment out of oral sex. From strawberry to chocolate, mango to cotton candy – the possibilities are endless.

Take The Next Step

If, after having read the list above, you are now on the hunt for an online sex shop in Ireland from which you can purchase top-of-the-range lubricants at affordable rates. We are thrilled to inform you that your search has come to an end. For those of you that haven’t previously had the opportunity to browse through the Cherry Pink catalogue. You will no-doubt be delighted to learn that we have an assortment of lubes from which to choose from.

Do you think that we may be the perfect retailer for you, and as such want to push ahead with placing an order? If so, now is the time to send us an email at detailing your particular needs – we can’t wait to hear from you.

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