Magic Wand Vibrator

The first time that you clap eyes on a magic wand vibrator, you may understandably be slightly intimidated - after all, this is a serious piece of equipment. The size alone can be enough to put buyers off. However, once you have gotten over the initial awe, you can begin to understand the fantastic way in which this can be used to service your body. There are few units available on the markets which give you so much choice in how you play with yourself. The speed settings means that the experience can go on for as long, or as short, as you’d like.

Realistic Dildo

If this is your first foray into masturbation, it is more-than likely that you will want to stay within your realm of comfort. Should you fit this description, we suggest taking a look at some of the realistic dildos which you can purchase. Often anatomically correct, these are fantastic products for those of you that would like to live out their fantasies. Traditionally, these are made out of silicone, as the soft material works fantastically in tandem with your body. If you want to heighten your sense of enjoyment even more, why not take a look at the Purple Boy Vibrator?

Nipple Clamps

For those of you that have been with your partner for an extended period of time, you may be looking to mix-things up in the bedroom. In circumstances such as these, nipple clamps could make for the perfect present this Christmas. Whilst certainly not to everyone’s liking, the sensations which can be brought about through the use of these are second-to-none. To those of you that enjoy playing a dominant role, it could be that a set of vibrating clamps are more to your liking - with these, you can tease your partner mercilessly.


Contrary to popular belief, lube is not simply something which needs to be implemented when a condom is being used. In actual fact, this is a fantastic way to improve your experience, whether you’re playing solo or engaging in sexual activities with another participant. When used on a dildo, it makes insertion incredibly easy, meaning that you can up the pace whenever you want. In case you did not already know, there are also tingling lubes available, which are created with the sole purpose of stimulating arousal to new levels.

How Can Cherry Pink Help You?

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